School breaks up for the summer on Wednesday 23 July at 11.00am.  Pupils may wear their own clothes on Wednesday.

We wish a restful, peaceful summer to our whole school community.

 The Archbishop Lanfranc School represents the highest possible standards, achieved through challenge, support and teamwork.

We believe in our pupils, their potential to succeed in all spheres of school life and to contribute to a just society. At our school people come first.

The End
Blogs - Headteacher’s blog
Friday, 18 July 2014 08:07

I feel that as I approach the end of twenty-nine years at “Lanfranc” I should set out some of my reflections on that time.

Firstly I must emphasise that during those twenty-nine years, more than twenty of which have been as Head, I have had the most fantastically enjoyable time.  It is true, inevitably, that there have been highs and lows, successes and disappointments but there has never been a lack of optimism; there has never been a time when our children have failed to lift the spirits; there has never been a failure of commitment on the part of our staff; and there has never been a missed opportunity to see the humour in a situation.

I am very proud of our school and even more proud that my name will be associated with the values it represents and the principles it upholds.  It saddens me that those who judge the worthiness of schools set so little store by what to us are such important strengths.  While many “talk the talk” about the school in the community I believe we have “walked the walk”.  We have embraced the whole of our community and by so doing created an atmosphere of tolerance and respect in the context not only of enormous ethnic, cultural and religious diversity but also significant levels of social and economic disadvantage.

We have been inclusive, supporting challenging pupils and those who face challenges through to the end of their five years with us.  We have made excellent provision for pupils with EAL, providing opportunities for new arrivals in the community, including refugees, unaccompanied minors and others from overseas.  We have accepted midyear admissions into all year groups on the basis of need and compassion.  We have never excluded or “lost” pupils in the search for better league table results.

I have always believed that our pupils are the equal of anyone; they have therefore been offered the same opportunity as the “best” to study a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum leading to proper qualifications.  I have always considered languages to be important and only regret that we never created the capacity to introduce Mandarin and Arabic.  We have seen our EBacc measure consistently outstrip that of most other schools nationally because this picks up in a fairly crude way our insistence on quality rather than a desire to sacrifice individual pupils’ ambitions in the search for government satisfying whole school data.

The school is described as 11 to 16 and yet those who know us realise that we cater for all ages!  The high quality nursery provision has been a real advantage for many staff as well as our community; adults, parents and others, have benefited from a service ranging from courses on parenting skills through supporting those with EAL needs to preparing people for employment.  While unacknowledged in some quarters our work for the community has in fact received many plaudits and awards and contributed in some small way to our ambition to contribute to regeneration.  It has been my belief that to create a virtuous circle of aspiration and achievement schools must engage and work with families, providing support where possible and signposting to other agencies where necessary.

We have acquired a deserved reputation for training and developing staff.  We have had eleven cohorts of Teach First trainees since our participation in the scheme’s inaugural year; we have also taken responsibility for countless newly qualified and student teachers and incorporated support staff within our programmes.  The quality of this provision has meant we have been able to recruit, retain and promote excellent staff as well as being a source of middle and senior leaders for other schools.
I am not altogether sure what people think Headteachers do; I can tell you some of the things that this one has enjoyed!

I have taken great pleasure in seeing brilliant lessons taught by some fantastic teachers; this has especially been the case when they are youngsters at the start of their careers.  I have been moved by the compassion of our pupils, their willingness to embrace the needy and their generosity, not just materially but spiritually, in giving to others.  I have been delighted by the sporting success of so many teams and individuals; this would be recognised in the independent sector but seems to be disregarded by those who judge state schools.  I have admired the talents of pupils in a range of performing arts and will never forget our adopted school song, “Oye Como Va”, as performed at the most recent summer soiree.

I have undertaken break and lunch duties and “guarded” the Mitcham Road at the end of the day for as long as anyone can remember; this has brought its own rewards in providing the opportunity to engage with a whole range of pupils who I might otherwise have never met.  These exchanges have given a real insight into pupils’ views and feelings as well as providing huge entertainment; the wit and wisdom of teenagers should not be underestimated!

I count myself as blessed in having come into contact with so many outstanding (I will use the word despite its awful Ofsted connotations) people; and it is important to me that they are seen as people not as pupils, teachers, support staff, governors, parents, etc.  The best, too numerous to mention, have combined a strong set of moral values with great warmth and humanity alongside their professional and other talents.  The fact that I still look forward to coming to “work” is testament to the qualities of all those in the community I have been fortunate enough to serve.

I am a music freak and have to finish with the words of Bob Dylan:

“The vagabond who’s rapping at your door
Is standing in the clothes that you once wore
Strike another match, go start anew
And it’s all over now, Baby Blue”


Year 9 YPI Initiative 2014
Departmental news - Humanities department
Thursday, 10 July 2014 06:46

The Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is an international programme that aims to support young people in developing community awareness.  Pupils are taught about philanthropy and charity through an experience of giving that highlights the positive impact they can have on their community.  

Pupils work in teams to research the needs of their community and identify a local charity they believe is best placed to make a positive change.  Following skills training in advocacy and public speaking, pupils will use their research to make presentations on the reasons their charity is most deserving of support.  One team is chosen by the class as the class winner; this team then goes though to a final.  The team judged by a panel of external judges to have made the most compelling presentation will be given a grant to award to their charity.

Here is what some pupils thought about their experience...

Courses for parents
Extended school - Courses for adults
Thursday, 03 July 2014 09:07

We are delighted to announce a full range of courses for autumn covering a wide range of skills.  Please click on the Extended Schools section of the website for details and application forms.

Year 11
Blogs - Headteacher’s blog
Thursday, 12 June 2014 05:55

The Year 11 final assembly took place on Tuesday this week.  While this is always an emotional occasion, this year's was especially poignant as it marked the last departure of a year group from our school as we know it.

The assembly proved to be a fitting finale for a splendid year group.  It is true that there was sadness but there was also a strong sense of pride amongst pupils and staff, not only in their personal achievements and contributions but also in their school.

I am personally grateful to the year group for providing so many moments of light in what has been a dark year.  I know they will be our highest achieving group ever in terms of examination results; they have also been a fine example of the high quality, well-rounded young adults that our school produces.

Please find attached a letter that was sent to the parents of the year group.

Quality and values
Blogs - Headteacher’s blog
Friday, 20 June 2014 07:58

Please read the attached letter; it is great when someone recognises the quality of our pupils and the importance of our school's values.

More to follow on the YPI final.  A cheque for £3000 was "won" for Jigsaw who offer bereavement counselling and have done some excellent work with us over the years.

Download this file (ALS Dave Clark letter (1).pdf)ALS Dave Clark letter (1).pdf135 Kb
National Champions! Archbishop Lanfranc teams crown their most successful season ever.
Departmental news - PE department
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 08:10

The year 11 Under 16 Archbishop Lanfranc Basketball Team competed in the English Schools' National Basketball Championship Finals on Saturday 10 May at the Olympic venue of East London University. To reach this stage of the competition the team had gone undefeated throughout the season.

Lanfranc won the Croydon League to qualify as Croydon representatives and played four more rounds to qualify as London Champions. This took the team to the National "Final Fours" to play against the best teams from the South, North and Midlands.

In the semi-final against the South Champions, Holy Trinity School, Lanfranc's trademark hard work and team ethos again came to the fore.   Holy Trinity had an outstanding player who we felt might dominate the game and although he had 18 points in the first half, Billi, Femi and Tobi defended him so well throughout the game that he only had 7 points in the third quarter and only 2 points down the stretch in the last ten minutes.   A real team effort supported by an astonishing 28 points from Kyle Best saw Lanfranc through to the final with a 69 - 63 victory.

This victory placed us against the Northern Champions, St. Cuthbert's School from Lancashire.   For a while this proved to be a severe test of teamwork and stamina with injuries and cramp taking its toll.   Team physio, Mr. Knight, was working overtime!    St. Cuthbert's dominated the first half and led by 12 but a change of tactics and Lanfranc's famous team-work gradually reduced the deficit and the defence made it almost impossible for the opposition to score.   The 12 point half-time deficit was turned into a 3 point advantage after the third quarter and the outstanding defence only allowed St. Cuthbert's 7 points in the last 10 minutes for us to record a 66 - 50 victory.

Special mentions should go to Tyrone Dean-Morris who was voted the "Most Valuable Player" of the final and to Kyron Martin, who hit 7 three-pointers in the final.   It was, however, teamwork that carried the day.

Team members:-
Q. Owusu-Mensah, J. Balogun, K. Best(year 10), B. Sarumi (Captain), F. Osinowo, T. Dosunmo, K. Martin(year 10), T. Dean-Morris, T. Smith(year 9), K Agyemang, C. Asare, A. Grant-Salih(year 9).

Our other basketball successes this year:-

Archbishop Lanfranc won a further 14 trophies this season, including:-

Year 10 Boys      -  Surrey League and Cup Champions (last 8 of National Championships)
Year 9  Boys      -  Croydon runners-up
Year 8  Boys      -  Croydon runners-up (last 16 of National Championships)
Year 7  Boys      -  Croydon League and Cup Champions
Year 10 Girls     -  Surrey Cup and Croydon Cup Champions
Year 9  Girls     -  Croydon Champions, Surrey runners-up
Year 8 Girls      -  Croydon Champions

Added to this, although final selections have not been made, we are expecting approximately 10 Lanfranc players, boys and girls, to be selected to play for Surrey in prestigious tournaments this summer, including against the Welsh and Scottish National teams.

Thank you to our Basketball coaches, Marvin Addy and Kevin Hibbs, who have done a fantastic job in developing our Basketball talent this year. Also to the PE staff who managed and coached teams in the lower school. We should be rightfully proud of the Basketball programme at Lanfranc and all that our pupils achieve at  Borough, County and National levels.

The future looks good!